Naturally, home reared turkeys

Farmers for over 40 years of traditional Wirral Black, Bronze and White home reared turkeys in Willaston. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and happy environment in which our turkeys grow and mature naturally. We are always striving to improve the quality, care and happiness of our flock.

We are going to switch things up this year so our pigs will be in the paddock usually reserved for the turkeys. This will enable us to rotate production for this year and rest grazing for future use.


Our turkeys enjoy a life three times longer than their standard counterparts. Longer life ensures a dense meat and superior fat cover. All are raised on a diet containing 70% cereal with no growth promoters, oats or wheat are provided ad lib.

Zero food miles helps ensure stress free preparation on the farm. All are individually dry plucked. No mechanical hot water plucking . Game hung for up to two weeks to encourage the meat to draw flavour from the bird. No unnatural gas flushing to extend shelf life.

White turkeys are more usually associated with intensive farming but we offer white turkeys grown and prepared in exactly the same way as our Bronze and Black turkeys. Flavour is paramount, our white turkeys have superb flavour and texture but if you prefer an even more intense gamey flavour try our Bronze or Black.

So whether you select a Wirral White or Wirral Bronze turkey you can be assured that each and every one has been lovingly grown and expertly prepared to give the best possible quality and flavour


Our Pigs

Once again we are rearing Gloucester Old Spot pigs here at the farm. We source our young pigs from Leahurst farm in Willaston. They are grown slowly and are free to forage, wallow and enjoy their outside space.

Modern pigs have hardly any fat but the Gloucester Old Spot has a distinctive layer of back fat and marbling within the meat. That back fat means it is hardy enough for genuine outdoor production but also that when cooked adds succulence and flavour to the meat.

Othewise once known as the Orchard Pig many were left to forage on windfall apples in orchards along the banks of the river Severn in Gloucestershire. Legend also has it that the black spots are bruises from falling apples as the pigs rootled in the orchards.


Naturally reared gammon, bacon and sausages

Established in 1844 Edge and Sons is a sixth generation butchers shop in New Ferry. They prepare all our gammon and bacon from our own pigs. The sausages, using our own pork, are prepared by Callum Edge using the family's 1844 recipe with his own secret mix of quality spices.