Our Turkey farm in Willaston, Cheshire

We pride ourselves in providing a safe and happy environment in which our turkeys grow and mature naturally.

40 years of rearing turkeys !

On our turkey farm
Turkey Farm
Happy turkeys
Turkeys in the sunflowers
Turkeys bred on our farm
Turkey farm

Our turkeys enjoy a life three times longer than their standard counterparts. Longer life ensures a dense meat and superior fat cover. All are raised on a diet containing 70% cereal with no growth promoters, oats or wheat are provided ad lib.

Zero food miles helps ensure stress free preparation on the farm. All are individually dry plucked. No mechanical hot water plucking . Game hung for up to two weeks to encourage the meat to draw flavour from the bird. No unnatural gas flushing to extend shelf life.

White turkeys are more usually associated with intensive farming but we offer white turkeys grown and prepared in exactly the same way as our Bronze and Black turkeys. Flavour is paramount, our white turkeys have superb flavour and texture but if you prefer an even more intense gamey flavour try our Bronze or Black.

So whether you select a Wirral White or Wirral Bronze turkey you can be assured that each and every one has been lovingly grown and expertly prepared to give the best possible quality and flavour

Turkeys in our barn
Turkey sitting on the fence
Happy turkeys